private investigator Netherlands.
✅ The best private investigators  of The Netherlands :

We are a professional private detective agency also sometimes called private investigator. We offer a variety of specialized private detective services. Especially in the field of surveillance our team members are the absolute experts.

Do you have a problem that must be sorted out? Contact us, we can help u discrete!

privat investigator Netherlands.

Mira Recherche & Adviesbureau (Mira Investigation and Consultation Bureau) is a private investigation bureau, licenced by the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands (POB number 1402) and registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority -Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens- (M1545009). Mira Recherche & Adviesbureau is also permitted to carry out tasks and operations for the regional police department of East-Brabant (Nationale Politie Brabant Oost) and all employees carry a valid proof of identity.

Our private investigator services:

  •     - (Insurance) fraud investigation
  •     - Theft
  •     - Swindle (Online fraud)
  •     - Debt collection
  •     - Sick leave abuse
  •     - Alimony investigation
  •     - Cheating and infidelity proof
  •     - Stalking - Harassment - blackmail
  •     - Kidnapping
  •     - Tracing of Missing Persons
  •     - Behaviour Research minors
  •     - Loverboys

A private detective and secrecy:

-We always work discreetly and with the highest confidentiality, this is our top priority-

Mira Private Investigations Netherlands is providing comprehensive investigative and intelligence services in all regions of Netherlands including all major cities. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Almere, Breda, Nijmegen, Apeldoorn, Enschede, Haarlem, Arnhem, Zaanstad etc.

Why us?

  •    - All enquires in the strictest confidence.
  •    - All advice and quotes are FREE.
  •    - We have an excellent success rate.
  •    - We are professionals and have only qualified and trained Investigators.
  •    - We empathize and interpret all matters to acquire success.
  •    - We deal with our clients in cordially manner.
  •    - We are a licensed private detective agency and Mira is registered as such with the Dutch Department of Justice.
  •    - We speak German and English.

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  Call us    : +31 0497-764020

  Mira Recherche & Adviesbureau (Bureau of Investigation and Consultation)
  Meerheide 5 (1st floor to the left)

  5521 DZ Eersel (the Netherlands)
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